Emission Models and Patterns through Machine Learning Analytics

Earth Sciences and Computer Sciences Department
Barcelona Supercomputing Center

About the Project

Introduction of the project and main goals

Emission Models and Patterns through Machine Learning Analytics at Barcelona (PATRONS @ BSC) is a project funded by the Severo Ochoa Programme (GA SEV-2015-0493) awarded to the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and European Union FEDER through the RIS3CAT programme, under the project of FEM-IOT. PATRONS @ BSC involves research on Time Series Modeling, Data Processing from Sensor Networks, Distributed and Edge Computing, targeting Environmental Models and Pollution Pattern Mining on cities. Also has the objective to maximize the collaboration between current research activities between the Earth Sciences and Computer Sciences Departments at BSC.

PATRONS @ BSC aims to discover the precise relations between different types of emissions, from road traffic to maritime traffic in coastal cities, environmental and weather factors, and the resulting pollution and air quality. The methods and tools used for such purpose correspond to data mining and machine learning, from Stream Mining to Deep Learning techniques, oriented towards distributed computing using frameworks like Apache Spark and distributed DataBases like HBase and HIVE.

Visualization of Maritime Data and Patterns

Capturing Maritime Traffic through AIS Signals

Core Technologies

Based on Cloud, Machine Learning (Stream and Deep Learning), and IoT Technologies for Smart Cities

Open Data and Statistics

Information about the treated dataset sizes and other collected data (WiP)


PATRONS @ BSC is composed by BSC researchers from the Earth Sciences department and Computer Sciences department

David Carrera
Computer Sciences

Data-Centric Computing Group Manager. Personal Page

Josep Ll. Berral
Computer Sciences

Applied Machine Learning Methods. Personal Page

Alberto GutiƩrrez
Computer Sciences

PhD candidate SEV-2015-0493-16-5. Personal Page

Albert Soret
Earth Sciences

Earth System Services Group Coordinator. Personal Page

Marc Guevara
Earth Sciences

Emission Modeling research lines. Personal Page

Also, the BSC staff working in PATRONS at the Data-Centric Computing group:

  • Juan Luis Perez
  • Zoran Jaksic

And former or visiting researchers that contributed to the project:

  • Kiyana Bahadori
  • Shuja-ur-Rehman Baig